Jupiter Diop 2Jupiter Diop  is a Senegalese singer song-writer and guitarist who developed in accordance with the Senegalese Baye Fall movement, a vision of life that is supported at work, tolerance and humility. After his first succesful album with Jef-J and which sold over 25,000 cd’s in West Africa, his faith led him to follow a more spiritual path by founding in the year 2000 a band called « Lamp Fall Sarafina » The band made numerous records and performed for over 750 times in the first 4 years of his existence, including the famous festival DK24 led by Youssou N’Dour. In February 2004 Jupiter moved to Belgium where he decides to continue « Lamp Fall Sarafina », but with Belgian musicians. This group initially consisted of musicians 3, was quickly expanded and counts now 5 musicians ( At the same time Jupiter integrated the group « Jupiter & Ma Shi Faï » which combinated Jupiter’s songs  with reggae music. This successful band (Couleur Café edition 2006) evolved into « Jupiter & Ma Shi Faï » and released a CD that will be honored by both the Francophone and Flemish press in Belgium. Since his arrival in Belgium he played Couleur Café, Bozar, Debel, Esperanza Festival, Théâtre de Poche, St. Peter’s Square (Ghent) and lany more. (see

Fredy MassambaFredy Massamba is a Congolese singer and percussionist with exceptional talents. He was co-founder of the world’s famous « Tambours de Brazza » with which he traveled around the world several times. He then worked in Belgium together with Zap Mama, Didier Awadi, Manou Gallo and the United States with Bilal, Mos Def and The Roots. In March 2010 he released a first CD of his hand  » Ethnophony “, then a second in 2013 with the album  » Makasi  » for which he received the SABAM Award for Best World Music. His music can be described as a balanced mix of soul, hip-hop, funk and traditional African polyphony. Also typical is the use of his voice as an instrument in analogy of Zap Mama. 2015 will be an extremely productive year for him with the release of no less than 3 albums:  » Nzimbu « ,  » Karavan  » (gospel using Arno’s repertoire) and ASKANYI of course!
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Nicole LetuppNicole Bongo Letuppee is Congolese singer who began singing at the age of 10 years in various choirs of Brazzaville.Her passion for music led herthrough various trainings and masterclasses in France, Belgium, etc. Her soft melodic voice was noticed very early and quickly she participated in major artists in Europe and Africa such as Hubert Felix Thiefaine, dEUS , Arno , Baloji , Magnus and many others. She met Jupiter Diop in 2005 and collaborated with him in the project “Jupiter & Ma Shi Faï” and since 2010 she started with Fredy Massamba the band “Weli”. She figured and is a founding member of  » Karavan « , a gospel choirs that brings the repertoire of Arno in a very original style.

Marie-Ange TeuwenMarie-Ange (AKA   Tchaï) is a singer with Burundese roots who has traveled around the world with famous singers such as Axelle Red, Lara Fabian , Zap Mama , Ozark Henry , Hadise,Natalia, etc . Her journey as singer starts in the music academy of Verviers (Belgium) where het talent got noticed very soon. It brings her the opportunity to take part in several studio sessions. Her career as a singer begins when a contract for the tour with Axelle Red was offered . Her mezzo soprano voicehas a very warm texture and is ideal for vocal polyphonies . Her ability to quickly learn melodies and lyrics make her a highly sought vocalist in the professional circuit. In 2002 she founded together with two other Brussels singers the soul band Soul: ID with which she recorded the album  » Sex, Love & Philosophy ‘ records , which soon became a reference of the neo-soul in Europe, Africa and the United States. She’s also a member of  » Karavan « 

The String Quartet

Esther Lambrechts 2 - Boris Jancen Folk music was Esther Lambrechts’ incentive to begin to play the violin. Afterwards, she studies classical violin with Dejan Mijajev and Shirly Laub, with whom she finishes her degree at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2011.

In the mean while she plays in different orchestras and works in theatre plays, among others “Genesis”, a production of  “t’Kopspel” ( CuttingEdge Award of the best play of 2007).

She is member of “Poppen” (meaning Puppets), a trio (violin, bas clarinet and guitar) playing original contemporary compositions and free improvisations.


Sebastien Paz CeroniSebastien Paz Ceroni’s passion for music started at age 7 with violin and later with piano. After studying musicology at the university and jazz at the Conservatory of Ghent he travels to Brazil, Cuba, Senegal, Mali to bury himself in new soundscapes. He discovers other ways to express and share music.
At the same time he gets involved in the reggae band “ Jupiter & Massive 5” where he meets Jupiter Diop for the first time. They play together at Festival Couleur Café in 2006. After a trip un Cuba in 2007, he founds “Para K Sepas”, an explosive salsa and fusion band and plays Esperanzah Festival in 2008.
Driven by creation, he composes for short films, modern ballets (Suspect, 2008), theatre plays and his afrojazz quartet “Safar Republique”. He’s founder and artistic director of ASKANYI.

Marijn ThissenMarijn Thissen studied viola at the conservatory of Ghent with the Russian professor Michael Kugel. As a student she performed in Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada and South Africa with the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra from Flanders. Marijn is attracted by world music and other styles that are open to fusion. She played several times in Dakar, Senegal with Wouter Vandenabeele and Issa Sow and has been on stage with Baaba Maal, N’Faly Kouyaté and Youssou N’Dour.
Beside, she is also very active in folk, pop/rock and classical music. She worked with And they spoke in anthems, Balthazar, De Ministers van de Noordzee, Dez Mona, Douglas Firs, Follia!, Humble Grumble, Kadril, Kiss the anus of a black cat, Not The Beatles, Olla Vogala to name a few. Nowadays she’s member of Oberon String Quintet, Cordette Quartet, De Valse Teefjes, Makay Consort, …

Robrecht KesselsRobrecht Kessels obtained his Master of Music at the Conservatory of Ghent. During his training, he devoted himself to the classical repertoire. Later he gained experience in various bands in pop and world music. Hooverphonic, Wouter Vandenabeele, Zjef Vanuytsel and Ishtar, are just a few of the groups with whom he worked as a cellist on stage and in studio.
He also composes theatre and dance music. In his ensemble « Ononde”* he performs is own compositions.