live strings quartet & african voicesNicole Bongo LetuppeMarie-Ange Teuwen

Askanyi presents its new production called ” Ainsi, Libre …” (Thus, Free…), a repertoire filled with profound yet universal humanistic thoughts placed against a background of unclassifiable music, performed by a string quartet and 3 female voices. 

The ensemble pulls its inspiration from Khalil Jibran’s famous novel called “The Prophet” and in turn invites the public to discover a kaleidoscope of musical styles and influences. Certain passages could be reminiscent of Monteverdi’s baroque music, while others echo the more minimalist style of Philip Glass integrated in a universe evocative of melodies & rhythms of West & Central Africa.. 

Artistic direction: Sebastien Paz Ceroni 
Composers & arrangements: Sebastien Paz Ceroni, Laïla Amezian, Marie-Ange Teuwen 
Texts: Sebastien Paz Ceroni, Fréderic Mendes, Laïla Amezian & Marie-Ange Teuwen 
Vocals: Marie-Ange Teuwen, Nicole “Bongo” Letuppe, Marijn Thissen. 
String quartet: Esther Lambrechts (1st violin), Sebastien Paz Ceroni (2nd violin), Marijn Thissen (viola), Robrecht Kessels (cello) 

Guest Musicians: Camille De Bruyne, Laïla Amezian, Fredy Massamba