New Clip “Your Children”

We delighted to present a clip of “Your Children” which was recorded during our concert at the Chapel of Boondael on the 26th of October. Enjoy!!
credits: Sam Verhaert

“Your Children are not your children…”
This song was inspired y the chapitre “On Children” of Khalil Jibran’s novel “The Prophet”. The text is about how you children are free spirits and that the parents should do everything to preserve that instead of trying to inculcate their world view .

Lead vocal: Nicole “Bongo” Letuppe
Vocals: Marie-Ange Teuwen & Camille De Bruyne.
String quartet: Esther Lambrechts (1st violin), Sebastien Paz Ceroni (2nd violin), Marijn Thissen (viola), Robrecht Kessels (cello).
Composition: Sebastien Paz Ceroni & Nicole “Bongo” Letuppe

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